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The Ricci District

Sunstone with Clear Quartz Moon Necklace | Luna Collection

Sunstone with Clear Quartz Moon Necklace | Luna Collection

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Charming Sunstone Necklace, Handcrafted with Sterling Silver and a Clear Quartz Half Moon Pendant


  • Handcrafted Sunstone necklace
  • Accented with a Clear Quartz moon
  • Including the unique Ricci flower petal presented on 925 sterling silver
  • Part of the Luna Collection, designed for lovers of the moon to bring calmness and balance to everyday life. 

Sunstone healing properties

  • Stone of luck and fortune 
  • Clears and energizes all the chakras
  • Heightens intuition and sense of self
  • Used to empower your Sacral chakra

Clear Quartz healing properties

  • Known as the master healer
  • Absorbs and dispels all negative energy
  • Balances mental, emotional, and spiritual energy
  • Used to empower your Crown chakra

Sunstone necklace details

  • 36cm length
  • 6mm  beads
  • 4 cm pendant
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