Blue Agate with Rose Quartz and Hematite | Bracelet

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Dreamy Blue Agate Bracelet, Handcrafted with Rose quartz and Hematite and 925 Sterling Silver Accents


  • Handcrafted¬†Blue Agate bracelet¬†with Rose Quartz and Hematite stones
  • Accented with¬†925¬†sterling silver

Agate properties

  • A grounding stone
  • Brings harmony and peace
  • Cleanses negative energy
  • Used to empower your¬†Crown chakra

Rose Quartz properties

  • Known as the stone of universal love
  • Brings¬†unconditional love to self and others
  • Increases feelings of peace and calmness
  • Used to empower your¬†Heart¬†chakra

      Bracelet details

      • 6mm¬† beads


      Note: If your size is unavailable, please message us and we'll make one for you!